Your Creative Business Garden

Lately, I’ve been watching “Gardener’s World,” a BBC show that I view on BritBox. I love digging in the dirt, and the images of these beautiful gardens thrill me. The gorgeous cinematography overflows with the brilliant color of flowers and foliage of every kind, and Monty Don has great gardening tips as well. In the past few weeks, I watched 2019 from spring through fall and relished the abundance which fills the garden in all of the seasons.

This week for our creative exercise, imagine your creative business as a garden. What season are you experiencing? The first buds of spring, the wild abundance of autumn? Perhaps the flowers are in full bloom or winter’s chill is exposing the strong bare bones.

Draw out your garden plan. What projects are you growing in pots until the danger of the last frost is passed? What seeds are getting sown directly into the earth? Are you building new structures? Where will they fit in and what will grow up them? How about your wildflower plot?

Fill your page full, and enjoy the vision of your abundant creative business garden!

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