The Power of Group Coaching

As a creative, we often work on our own. We sit in our studios or our offices or at our kitchen tables and find ourselves looking at the dog and asking him if he can take the time out from his busy napping schedule for us to bounce an idea off him.

I mean, that could happen.

And it has 100% happened to me.

Mack had no incredible insight to offer.

Yep. Working on your creative business can be tough, especially when you work alone. When you get a win, no one is there to congratulate you. When you set a goal, no one but you can hold you to your commitment. The inevitable challenges can feel overwhelming.

Many people seek out a coach to travel this path with them. However, one-on-one coaching isn’t the only option.

Several years ago, I signed up for a group coaching program. For a couple of hours each week, I interacted with people from across the world, guided by a wonderful woman who led the sessions. We shared our challenges, our celebrations, and our goals. We offered and received support from the other participants.

Through this process, I discovered hidden depths to my strength, confronted a few demons, and found the accountability I needed to effectively pursue my goals. Thinking of how I would explain that I didn’t do the thing that I’d planned to do last week pushed me to make that thing happen. Finding something to celebrate each week helped me see the progress I’d been making. Asking for support from the group gave me the strength to put myself out there and ask for support from those who could give me business.

Thinking of that experience (and considering the crazy financial times we’re all living through), powerful and affordable group coaching sessions are something I am exploring again. The cost will be $80/month (only $20/session!) and I need at least four people to sign up. I’ll cap this first cohort at ten.

Are you interested in transforming your creative business? Bringing new focus to your work? Supporting others who support you in return?

Group Meeting

Would you join me in a group in April?

If yes, then drop me a line.

Let’s make this spring a truly transformative season!