Biz Dance Break – February 2021

Whenever challenges arise that I know are going to be weird and hard and thrilling and joyous and horrible all at the same time, I turn to music to keep moving. The right song lets me sing the words in my heart and dance in my own personal musical.

I have several songs that generally help me to turn it around, to make me dance and forget the horror and pump me up and fill me with joy. And it’s time for a playlist!

This particular one makes me want to boogie, sing along, and cry as I belt the words into my invisible microphone.

“Respect” – Aretha Franklin
“Fighter” – Christina Aguilera
“Courage” – Pink
“Stand” – Rascal Flatts
“Brave” – Sara Bareilles
“Watershed” – Indigo Girls
“Come Alive” – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

I hope it makes you feel strong and inspired to follow your dreams. And gets those feet moving!

Click here for the Spotify playlist