The January Report


Each month in 2021, I’m creating a report to record the flow and track my progress. Just like I require of my clients, I’ll be reporting on my creative and spiritual progress as well as the business side of everything.

January is the first month of the quarter as well as the year. As I’ve already declared my goal for the year, the first step was to set my goals for this first quarter. These are:

* Launch the Unlocking Your Creativity guide – This guide is one I’ve been working on for a while, combining and fleshing out the ideas from my workshop, Creating Fertile Soil for the Seeds of Inspiration, and my free guide, Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit. I’m really excited to get this out into the world!
* Find a place to blog regularly – Part of getting my message into the world is finding places to share it.
* Create a list-building strategy with my free guide, Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit – One of the great things about creating something to give away is that you can use it as a “lead magnet.” A lead magnet is a free gift, something with value, that you share with people who sign up for your email list. This item shows your new subscriber some of the value you provide, and is a nice way to say “Thanks for sharing your email address with me!” When someone signs up for my email list, they receive a copy of my free guide, Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit.
* Launch the newsletter and writing service – The writing & editing services are something I’ve been developing for a while, and I love to create newsletters for people! Your email list is one thing that you can depend upon as a way to connect with your clients and consumers. This generous sharing of email addresses deserves a fulfillment of your subscribers’ expectation. Reaching out to those people and touching base, at least once a month, cultivates this trusted connection while also keeping you in their conversation.

January’s Transformation

In January, I realized that I needed to transform my relationship with money. As I change my focus to working at my career instead of my day job, the one thing I know that I need is a healthy relationship with all parts of my cash flow. I began walking this path last year, delving into The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist  and others. A workshop I created around these teachings called “What Are You Worth: And Why Money is Only a Small Part of that Equation” drew the largest number of participants, and I learned as much as I taught through that process.

At the beginning of this year, a book I’d requested from the library finally showed up, It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver.  If that’s not a sign….right?! Cracking it open, I began to read with the intention of skimming the book all the way through to get an idea of what she was preaching. Halfway through, tears streaming down my face, I turned to Stephanie and asked if she would like to do this process with me. And that was how our Abundance study began. I ordered a copy of the book from my favorite used bookstore website, BetterWorldBooks, and we began our process with the library copy.

What I have discovered through this process so far is that, as I open myself up and connect to my spiritual side in order to allow abundance to flow into my life, that spiritual connection grows stronger and I am feeling the abundance of spirit and creativity and love flowing through me—not just money. I am feeling generous in spirit and mind as well as financially. A lightness is beginning to infuse my work again and I am able to find creative solutions in all parts of my life.

However, the most revelatory piece is that, as I relax, my focus sharpens. My new goal when I sit down to write is simply to remove me—my ego, my self—from the equation and allow the words to flow through me. I’m doing this in my coaching sessions with my clients, and allowing my intuition to flow there brings up some interesting revelations.

By tapping into my intuition and love in this process, I am feeling more powerful even as I step away from controlling things. As I move out of the way, I am finding that not only does my creativity flow more easily, new work is beginning to flow into my life as well.

The Metrics

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks! The metrics I track in my business right now are paying clients, subscribers, and income.

Paying clients. My paid client base grew 25% during the month. In January, I expanded my newsletter service to include editing and other copy writing services. This expansion led to one of my current clients referring a client to me.

Subscribers to my Email List. Here at the end of January, I have 53 subscribers to my email list. Nine people subscribed to my email list during the month, and the majority of that gain I can track to my “Transform the New Year” party which I shared on Facebook and Instagram. However, I also connected with people through a couple of small online communities, Elpha and Litsy, and gained one subscriber through sharing my guide to Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit.

Income. I increased my income by 10% from December to January.

My goal for February is to “Keep Going.” I’ll report back in March!