Define Your Wings

We all have wings, our tools that we carry with us. These tools aren’t necessarily your literal tools, like pens or brushes or saws. Tools travel with us in our being: our intuition, kindness, knowledge, expertise. Supporting us through hard times; they are the skills that will always be there for you.

Define Your Wings is our creative exercise for the week. Draw the top line of your wings on a piece of paper. Then, use the names of your tools to fill in the feathers. Select your strongest quality and put that in the middle. Here’s how I did it:

If you can’t think of enough tools to fill in your wings on your own, ask a trusted friend and watch those wings fill up with feathers!

When you are complete, look at that list you created. See the power and the beauty of those wings. Marvel at the magnificence of yourself.

Come fly with me.