Wings In The Wind

In a dream a few months ago, I was walking through a forest up a mountain. I began to run, whipping along the trail, leaping up boulders, and finding my way up the mountain. The trail broke out of the trees to reveal the pointy edge of a cliff and I sped up, running even faster as I threw myself off.

Taking Wing

And when I did, wings sprouted from my back and I flew. No plunge, no hiccup, just flying – soaring into the air. I flapped my wings and then glided upon the wind currents as far as they could take me.

That is what I am expecting from this year. The wings are already built-in. They are all the tools that I’ve spent my life building up: the people I know, the amazing things I have learned through experience and reading, my trusty laptop, my wonderful wife, pens and paper and books upon books upon books.

Now all I have to do is fling-fling-fling myself off that cliff.

Do you want to watch?

Over the course of this year, as I make this transformation in my life from working at a day job to working at my career, I’m going to be writing a little note from the trenches about how I am proceeding. The ups and downs, highs and lows, all of it wrapped up with my lesson that I’ve learned from the month.

My hope is that you will be inspired and enlightened as you watch my journey. That you will find it helpful as you approach your own path. My intention is to write this without the shiny veneer of “everything is always so great” that we see everywhere else. To reveal the realities of creating a new business and find the lessons within that will propel all of us to pursue our missions and visions.

It’s time to put my words and lessons to work for you and me—breaking away from my day job and embracing the creative life I want to live.

Let’s get those wings a-flapping!!!

I’ll be back next week with my report. Can’t wait to check in with all of you!