Transform Your New Year—Anytime You Want

Though each milestone—brand new years, birthdays, anniversaries—makes us think about our lives, I love the end of January for setting our goals. The pressure of the “New Year, New You” drifts away with the revelry of the holidays and we can think clearly. What will come in the next year? How do we want to be? What are we leaving behind?

This “Transform Your New Year” ritual supports your inquiry. With meditation, paper, and fire (because I’m a complete pyro!), you release everything you want to release, invite into your life those things you want to embrace, and declare one thing that you want to transform. This simple ritual empowers you to embrace the transformation that happens in each year.

So, what one thing would you like to transform in your next year?

Do you want to make your creative business your day job?
Do you want to embrace a new art form?
Do you want to fall in love with your art again?

Download this ritual and begin your transformation.