Run Your Scenarios

Sometimes, sleeping on it isn’t an option. Our brains won’t let the problem go and continue to whip it up into our consciousness. When this happens, I feel like I have a hamster in my head, leaping onto his wheel and running. The creaking, whirring noise is the fear and doubt and anger whipping through my mind.

Hamster running wheel

One way to put the hamster to sleep (not that kind of asleep! Although….), is the Best/Worst/Probably Case Scenario.

Within your problem, imagine the very worst that could happen—the absolute Worst Case Scenario. Don’t hold back. Put it all out there. Writing it down or speaking it aloud into a voice recorder is very helpful here. You want to be able to read or hear the words of the story you are imagining.

Now, repeat the exercise, but this time imagine the very Best Case Scenario. Again, allow the fullness of your imagination to show up in your writing or telling your story.

Read or listen to both. See where the truth lies. Listen to the cues of danger. Amaze yourself with just how bonkers both can sound.

Repeat the exercise one more time, and now relate the Most Probable Case Scenario. This is the one that gets absolutely real, seeing the modest pitfalls and the likely wins as you navigate your fear.

Now you can get some sleep.

Rest well, my friends!

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