Let Your Inner Brat Run Free!

So much of stamina is being able to return again and again to something. Often, we approach our work feeling a little discouraged. We think we’re invisible. We think no one cares. But what if we’re doing it just because we want to?

Our creative exercise for the week is to let your inner brat out of her cage! You know your inner brat. She’s the one we don’t talk about. She hangs out on the corner and says snarky things to people and laughs. She cries and throws fits when life doesn’t go her way. Yep, her.

When thoughts show up like, “Why am I even doing this?” or “No one will see” or “I’m no good at this,” allow her to scream, “SO WHAT? I’M DOING IT ANYWAY!” Give it a try and see what happens.

***This creativity exercise comes from Jill Baldwin Badonsky’s “The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard).” link: https://www.malaprops.com/book/9780615314846