Transformation—It Happens in the Dark

Transformation seems like magic. When we think of transformation, we think of magicians turning a beautiful lady into a pacing tiger – something amazing and fast and done with a whirl of a magic wand. We think of the butterfly the caterpillar becomes, flying loopily from blossom to blossom.

However, the actual transforming part happens before that butterfly appears. It occurs in hibernation when no one is looking.

Fire. Burning of rice straw at night.

It happens on dark nights on tiny stages with small audiences. It happens during years of early mornings at kitchen tables as our computer screens paint our faces with unflattering light. It happens in classrooms and studios and offices and kitchens and gardens and fields and mountains and oceans.

But mostly, it happens with very few witnesses. When no one is paying attention to us. When we are locked away in our cocoon, working and pushing and maybe even in pain as we push this part of us forward and chop off this other useless bit and dissolve into goo and build a new body.

Making 2021 the year of transformation doesn’t mean that we are going to magically become this new person that we want to be.

Making 2021 the year of transformation means that we commit to embracing our creativity to manifest our meaning in the world. It means doing the work, setting milestone goals, and making progress toward our big goal. It means we dedicate ourselves to the transformation we wish to see in our work, in our creativity, in ourselves..

What one thing would you like to transform this year?

Do you want to make your creative business your day job?
Do you want to embrace a new art form?
Do you want to fall in love with your art again?

Join me for my Transform the New Year party where we will celebrate the beginning of this journey and honor your 2021 transformation with fire and fun!

Click the link below to add your name to the list, and I’ll see you there!