Dropping the Leash

I was walking the dogs the other day and accidentally dropped Ty’s leash. At the time, I was focusing solely on inserting our other dog’s poop pile in a plastic bag and didn’t even realize I’d lost it. Ty, our little terrier, walked and sniffed as usual, wandering further and further away. Every time I got near the leash, she would take another step and pull it out of my reach. As she realized that I didn’t have a hold on her leash, she began to trot, and then to bound as I jogged after her. She leaped in the air with joy, the wind whipping through her fur. Her ears bounced and her smile widened as she disappeared down the road and my feet fell back to walking.

I knew that when I got home she would be there, wagging at me. Her happy grin greeted me from the deck and she zoomed into the house to tell Stephanie her adventure.

Right now, I feel like Ty, leaning against my lead and feeling the restriction of my full-time day job. Last week, I had a conversation with my boss to start my transition into part-time. I can feel the loosening of the dropped leash. I can feel the freedom beckoning me down the road.

I can also feel the fear and the panic of not knowing what will happen.

Making Real & Lasting Transformation

Transformation is exhilarating and scary, and having someone on our side, someone to travel with us through the unknown, can make a huge difference. That person (or people) can empower us to embrace the adventure and turn panic into exhilaration.

Maybe you want to leave your day job or grow your creative business or expand your creative side or embrace your art again. Maybe you want to uncover your meaning. Maybe you want to fall in love with your art again. Maybe you want to explore the world.

Within my practice, I am forming a community of people who want to make that real and lasting transformation.

While some of you find enough assistance in this missive – and truly, serving you by writing this little lesson each week is such a joy! – I find that most of us could use a little more help in making these leaps. And my mission here on this earth is to provide that support, to empower people to connect with their creativity, find their meaning, and manifest it in the world (which often means embracing the business side of your art).

If you are interested in pursuing that transforming work with me, I have a couple of different options:

One-on-one coaching deep-dives as we work together to manifest your specific goals in a specialized session held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Group coaching where we work together as a little community, addresses challenges and holds each other accountable to our goals. For those of you who prefer that special alchemy of groups or just need a more affordable option than one-on-one coaching, this structured session propels us and supports us through these times of progress and process.

And to start a year of transformation right, let’s have a party! Join me on Saturday, January 9th, at 6pm Eastern to release 2020 and declare our hopes for 2021 with a special ritual of transformation and rejoicing!

Click here to sign up to get the Zoom link (because we’re going to be doing this virtually), and I’ll see you there! And feel free to share with anyone else you think might be interested. Everyone is invited.

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