Creating a Creation Group


My knitting group met at the cutest little coffee shop. Every Saturday morning, I’d arrive at 10am. I’d grab a cup of tea and maybe even one of the delectable snick-snacks that they offered. And then, we grabbed up a table or two and would sit and knit for a couple of hours, making progress on our projects and catching up with each other.

This group of ladies became dear friends as we knitted our stitches, answering each other’s questions and demonstrating how to get out of mistakes. And not just for knitting either. We commiserated when something sad happened and rejoiced in the good times. We laughed with each other until we gasped for breath.

And once a week, every week, we made progress on our work. One stitch at a time, socks and shawls and sweaters came together. Mini fashion shows happened when pieces were completed, and we all marveled at the pieces of clothing formed from a single strand of yarn.

One of the hardest things in the world is to carve out time to work on our creative missions.

But my knitting group taught me – if you make a commitment to someone else that you will show up and work on your creative project, even if it is just once a week, you can knit an entire extra-large sweater.

So, in my search to support you as you move toward your creative goal, I realized that one of the missing elements is our community creative time. An hour, once a week, where we log in and work together on our creative pursuits.

And, with the Zoom technology, we make this group happen without having to haul everyone’s tools and set-ups to another location. We all participate from our own studios and studies and kitchen tables!

Once a week, we get at least an hour’s worth of work done on your creative project. In the comfort of your own home. With a little company.

I’m there to moderate and answer questions as we work together, building community, finding accountability, and getting our creative work done.

If you are interested, contact me to sign up for the next session.

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