What Is More Than Enough?

The myth about money that I continue to find particularly tricky to overcome is the idea that “More is Better.” You hear “More is Better” shouted from rooftops. People post this one on Instagram in beautiful script over gorgeous photographs. Abundance gurus will tell you to break through your barriers and ask for “more than enough.”

But what is “more than enough”? Can you touch it? Even if you can touch it, how do you know that you have the “more than enough” that you wanted?

Remember last week when we discussed our lady making Thanksgiving dinner for her friends? Say she asks her friend John to bring the stuffing and John asks “How much should I bring?”

If she replies, “More than enough!” how much stuffing should John bring to dinner? Pounds? Gallons? What is more than enough?

Is it even possible for him to bring enough stuffing?

Suppose that instead she says “At least ten cups. That would be enough stuffing for ten people.” Now he has an actual amount of stuffing to bring – a generous amount of stuffing to bring. An amount of stuffing which will satisfy everyone and may even result in leftovers.

By looking for ‘enough” instead of “more than enough,’ we give ourselves a real goal – a goal we can reach. A goal we can define.

When we search for “more than enough,” when we accept that “more is better,” we set ourselves up to never get to our goal. We set ourselves up to never have enough.

However, when we search for enough and we define what enough is, we place ourselves in a better position to achieve that enough – to achieve our actual goal.

And by defining what enough is, you can reach out your arms and touch it. You can see it in your mind’s eye.

If you look, you can see how you have already made steps toward your “enough” without even realizing it.

In what areas of your life do you think “more is better”? What does it feel like to change that around to “enough”? Can you define your goal of “enough”?

***This series is inspired by Lynne Twist’s work in The Soul of Money where she discusses the three toxic myths of scarcity.

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