Your Infinite Enough

Make a list of all of your tools. Remember that money is only one of these tools, and consider all of your resources – abilities, things, friends, family.

When you looked at that list of all of your tools, did it make you feel powerful?

I certainly hope so. I hope it made you feel so powerful. I hope that, after you read that list back to yourself, you celebrated with yips and yowls and giggles and dancing. I hope that you stood, both feet grounded, and felt the power of your strong self. I hope that you recognized the fighter and the champion in you and celebrated each atom of that being.

You didn’t? Well, go ahead.

Do it now.

I’ll wait here.

(me – sips tea. ooooooooh! nice twirl! was that a yawp? clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!)

Good job. I’m glad you found that strength, that you looked at yourself and saw all the tools you have, laid out and hung on the walls of your body and soul. I’m glad you saw your enough-ness.

Because here’s the thing – all across the world, a narrative persists which tries to tell us that there’s not enough. People in power tell us this as they say “No.” They say things like “Nobody’s making any more land!” and “Where will you find the money for that?” and “There’s no room in the budget for that.”

And then WE begin to say it. “There’s no room in the budget for that.” “Don’t spend your money on that!” “I don’t have enough money for that.”

And that “I don’t have enough money” which perhaps started as an excuse not to purchase something you didn’t want becomes a relentless parade through your mind.

I’m not saying that this can’t be true – that you don’t have sufficient money to purchase what you need and want can be an absolutely true thing. This happens every day.

However, by repeating that you don’t have enough over and over and over, you can block your ability to see how you do have enough. By focusing on money (or the lack of it) so hard, you can keep yourself from seeing all of your available resources.

For example, one person out of a group of ten friends thinks to herself, “I want to make Thanksgiving dinner for all of my friends this year.” She can look at her food budget and agonize because making a big dinner for ten people will use up her entire food budget for the month. She can look at the project and think, “Well, I just can’t afford it. There’s not enough.” and walk away from the idea altogether, disappointed in herself that she didn’t have enough money to make it happen all by herself.

Or, she could take a moment to consider all of her tools – all of her resources. What DOES she have? She has the time to make the meal. She has the space to hold the meal and seat everyone. She has nine friends who might be happy to help in some way. She has a job where she could take on an extra shift. She has an old bookcase that she’s been wanting to sell.

She could invite her friends and ask them to bring side dishes to the meal and only purchase and prepare the turkey. She could offer to cook and host the meal, and ask her friends to purchase the raw ingredients for the dishes she wants to make. She could take an extra shift where she works or sell that old bookcase that she doesn’t use anymore to get the money to purchase the food.

So you see, “I don’t have money” does not equal “There’s not enough.” Enough does not depend upon money. Enough depends upon you. You carry within you the tools you need to manifest your meaning in the world – and one of your most amazing tools is your imaginative creativity.

You are your own infinite enough.

Look at the list that you made. Consider the abundance of your resources in that list. After hearing this example, is there anything else you’d like to add to that list?

Take some time and consider how you are enough – how you carry within you the tools you need to transform your dream into reality.

***Inspiration for this piece flowed from Lynne Twist’s book, The Soul of Money.