How to Find Your Perfect Client

Did you know that there is someone out there in the world who is waiting for that thing you are creating? They are desperate for it. They are waiting for you to reveal it, to make it available to them.

And here is a way to access them.

The Most Precious Possession Exercise

When it comes time to start putting their work into the world, I do an exercise with my clients. We start with a warm-up which I call “The Most Precious Possession.”

Reach into your junk drawer and pull out anything. It doesn’t matter what – I’ve seen this exercise performed with a battery, a box of matches, a cork. Don’t think about what happens next, just grab a thing.

Sit down with that thing and imagine it is someone’s most precious possession.

Immerse yourself in their being. Why is this thing someone’s most precious possession? What is the story of how this came to be? What is their name, their location? Do they have pets? How do they live? What is their profession?

Really dive in. Find that person and listen to what they tell you. Discover their story and access the world within it.

Document the story however you would like – journaling, sketching, making a mind map, speaking into an audio recorder – whatever works best for you to create a record of this process.

Your Perfect Client’s Most Precious Possession

Now, this exercise can be used in many different ways. If you are a writer or actor, then you could use this exercise to get in the head of a character by picking their most precious possession and working back. As a designer, you could design the knitted shawl this person would wear or the necklace they wore on special occasions or the stool they used to rest their feet upon after a hard day.

If you are selling your product or service in the world, you can use this exercise to find your perfect client. In that case, what you do is look at your product and imagine it as the most precious possession of someone. Who is the person? How did they find your product? What is their name?

And the most important question – Why is this thing their most precious possession? What is the story there?

Those last questions open up the heart of your work like a shell being pried apart. Discoveries slip out onto the page through your pen, events and occasions that you never imagined before.

Occasionally, you’ll find that the person you are accessing is yourself. That’s okay. That’s what happens. You are a person and, just like in your dreams, everything that you create comes from you. See how the person is similar to you and how they are different. Explore all of it.

Consider how you feel when you find that something that you needed, how that something became the most precious thing you’ve ever experienced, and how that thing, that experience, that gift transformed your life. Use that knowledge to inform the work.

The most important part of this exercise is to celebrate all of the gifts that your product brings to this person. See all the value your product brought to their lives. Feel the impact of your product to their being. Allow your inquiry to flow down to the very depths of their soul and see the magnificence of your work in their lives.

Now, if you are selling your services, you will essentially be doing this work with you as the product. That can be super scary, so start by seeing yourself specifically in your role as the service provider and repeat the same questions. How is your service the most precious possession of someone? How did it transform their lives? Why do they remember it so distinctly, repeating their experience to their friends?


This process is joyous and messy and scary and all sorts of wonderful!


We all have something to offer in this world, something precious and special, and we all need something in this world.


Bring that gift to life on your page.


And know that, through what you are creating, you are giving someone else that gift as well.

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